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Cut Costs and Boost Productivity with a Paperless Office

Based in Overland Park, KS, Mark Casey and his team at (Casey Associates, Inc.) have been helping organizations throughout the Midwest develop custom document management solutions since 1984.  Their cutting-edge document scanners, software, and automation tools convert paper documents into digital files, allowing businesses to cut costs, boost productivity, and revolutionize their workflow.

Company: (by Casey Associates, Inc.)

Industry: Technology / Document Management

Location: Overland Park, KS


CHALLENGE sought to implement a digital strategy that would reinforce their impressive reputation, clearly communicate their complex product/service offerings, and drive business growth in the document management industry. 

Their existing website was failing to connect with customers due to outdated information, confusing website architecture, and a non-responsive design that limited their visibility to mobile customers, all of which prevented them from gaining consistent online leads.

Problems They Faced

Outdated and non-responsive design

Confusing website architecture

Confusing navigation menus

No clear unique value proposition

Lack of engaging copy/calls-to-action



Simplifying their brand and business presentation to customers was one of the most critical goals in our marketing plan for, and we left no stone unturned during brainstorming sessions with their team in considering various strategies.

The first breakthrough between our teams was the decision to market their business solutions under their domain name –, as opposed to their business entity name – Casey Associates, Inc. Doing so offered several benefits, including: memorable brand recognition, closer connection to their product and service offerings, and prominent domain name exposure. 

We then partnered with their team to define a unique value proposition that clearly stated their offerings, differentiated them from competitors, and evoked emotion from their potential customers – “Gain time, space, and security with our document scanning, document management, and workflow automation solutions.” Using their UVP as a foundation, we crafted a shorter tagline that was again focused on benefits – “Boost Productivity with a Paperless Office”.

Development is now powered by WordPress, giving their team a nearly endless number of options for effectively managing their content, easily creating new pages, and adding new features that continue to improve their website over time.

Using WooCommerce, WordPress’ e-commerce platform, we created a custom e-commerce storefront which features dozens of document scanners and scanner consumables. The addition of this store not only reinforces’s credibility in the industry, but also opens a new online revenue stream for their business that didn’t exist before.

Being that their business prides itself on fast, easy, and secure access to information, we took their back-end setup very seriously. Two-second page loads were achieved thanks to premium Flywheel WordPress website hosting, as well as multiple page speed optimization improvements. Website security is locked down tight with the help of an installed SSL certificate and virus/malware protection.


To increase online visibility for their website we implemented a thorough SEO strategy complete with keyword and competitor research, as well as search-optimized content creation. Sufficient internal linking ensured that all of their website page were successfully crawled and indexed by Google, and external linking to other relevant websites in their industry helped to establish their own industry authority in the eyes of Google – a strong ranking factor in its algorithm.

Their e-commerce store was optimized for conversion with the inclusion of an easy-to-navigate product catalog complete with product filtering by product type and price. Shoppers were also presented with a seamless checkout process across all device types, allowing for both PayPal and Stripe credit card transaction processing.

To drive leads through the website, a lead magnet was created which presents their primary target users (accounts payable employees) with a tool for calculating their AP department’s efficiency score based on user responses to a series of easy-to-answer questions.

Key Features

Custom Website Design

E-Commerce Integration

Custom Lead Generator

Custom Content Creation

Value Proposition & Tagline

Page Speed Optimization

Local SEO Strategy

Newsletter Integration

Logo Refresh

Blog Integration

Client Case Studies

Premium Website Hosting




With their new technology digital marketing strategy in place, now has a state-of-the-art website which effectively communicates their unique value to customers, generates additional revenue for the business through an e-commerce store, and generates new leads to drive future business growth. Since the launch of their redesigned website, the average time spent by a visitor on their site has increased by over 100%, and they currently rank in Google's Local Map Pack (Top 3) for over 10 industry critical keyword searches.

Google PageSpeed Score


First $1K in E-Commerce Sales

< 30 Days

Average Time on Site Increase


SEO Local 3-Pack Rankings


Page 1 Search Rankings on Google / Bing


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