Online Lead Generation

The success of your website should be gauged by one statistic - how many new leads does it generate? Our top priority is bringing you new business.

Get More Leads Through Inbound Marketing


For decades, marketers solely used the old and tired method of outbound marketing to find new leads for businesses. Mailers, cold calls, TV commercials, and screaming on street corners were the tactics of choice - even when the costs of doing so were increasing, and the effectiveness of those efforts was decreasing.

In 2020, the internet has allowed inbound marketing to evolve into the more reliable, affordable, and cost-effective method for acquiring new business. With a balanced inbound marketing strategy, your business can attract the attention of customers who are already looking for the products or services you offer.


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Organic SEO

The first priority in our lead generation strategy will be determining what traffic your website can attract from organic Google searches. With a balance of detailed keyword research, impactful content, and technical SEO features, we’ll help your site attract increased traffic from search engines over the long term. Learn more on our Kansas City SEO page.

Local SEO / Map Pack Rankings

Online Directory / Citation Listings

Unique Content Creation and Targeting

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Google Advertising

While true SEO success is achieved over the long term, paid traffic is a great way to get new users to your website immediately. Depending on your industry and location, we may recommend supplementing your organic traffic with paid traffic from Google PPC Ads (Pay Per Click). Google Ads offer your business immediate visibility to users who are already searching for the products or services that you sell. Better yet, your campaign can be customized to the finest detail, including refined ad bidding, spending limits, geotargeting, ad schedules, and more.

You only pay for ads that are clicked on by users (pay-per-click)

Target your ads in specific cities and states

Create ads that target specific services or products that you offer

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Social Media Advertising

Depending on your determined target audiences, social media platforms can serve as an effective marketing channel for grabbing the attention of potential customers. During the strategy phase of your project we’ll help you decide which social site(s) to target, and we’ll also create custom ads that effectively promote your brand.

Facebook Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Instagram Advertising

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Email Marketing

One of the best ways to nurture leads and to create returning business is through the use of well-timed email marketing. Too many companies abuse the power of email and blast their customers’ inboxes with click-bait subject lines and meaningless copy – every day! We’ll show you how to use the concept of quality over quantity to make your email campaigns more successful.

SendInBlue, Constant Contact, MailChimp + More

Personalized Email Messages

Email Analytics Tracking


Balanced Strategies

Transparent Reporting

Customized Lead Generation Forms

Customized Lead Magnets

Customized Emails

Traffic & Conversion Analytics

Success Tracking

Local Lead Generation

Defined Target Audiences

Closely Managed Ad Budgets

ROI Analysis

Continuous Improvement

Inbound leads cost around 60% less to acquire than outbound leads (HubSpot)

Online leads are nine times more likely to convert into customers when businesses follow up within five minutes (Ziff Davis)

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for each $1 they spend on Google Ads (Blue Coronoa)