Straight Line Web Solutions

Our broad set of web design services is flexible enough to offer your business a unique, comprehensive web solution, that will leave you feeling confident your online reputation is in good hands.

Responsive Web Design

We now live in a mobile world, and with that comes the need for responsive, mobile-friendly websites that offer a quality user experience on any size device. First impressions are lasting, and our websites ensure your introduction to your customers will be a memorable one.

Where’s Your Mobile Mojo?

Kansas City has gone mobile. One reason is that starting in 2015, Google announced that the mobile-friendliness of websites would begin having a significant impact on search results. Find out if your current website passes the test.


Percentage of internet users that own a smartphone.


The year mobile internet users surpassed desktop users.

1.8 HRS

Average daily time users spend on their smartphone.

Admit it.

You want to look sexy on mobile too…

Content Management

As your company’s mission, products, and customers evolve, so should your website content. The usability, expandability, SEO features, and endless plugin options make WordPress the software of choice in helping you keep your website updated and your customers engaged.


With a WordPress powered website you’ll enjoy the ease of use the software provides. Adding content, images, and pages can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

The core WordPress software has many built-in SEO features, not to mention the many SEO plugins that can be installed to improve your search rankings even further.

What good is a website if it can’t expand with your business? With WordPress you’ll no longer fear adding new menus, pages, or functionality.

The WordPress community is large and vibrant, releasing new tools, plugins, and themes on a daily basis. Customizing your web presence has never been easier.


A stunning website design won’t do you much good unless you have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy in place for users to find you. The internet is a busy place, and with a targeted approach, we can help you stand out in the crowd, getting you more views, more clicks, and more sales.


Keeping your content fresh, relevant, and rich with industry-specific keywords is critical in getting the SEO results you’re after. Our content writing and blog integration services are just what the doctor ordered.

Social Media

With millions of users on popular social media sites like Facebook, free publicity is yours for the taking. We can help you in using your profiles to strengthen your message and share valuable content and links for added SEO value.


Regular analysis of your traffic statistics is critical to improving your long term search engine page rankings. To make this easier, we integrate Google Analytics with your website to spot trends and make adjustments quickly.

Other Web Design Services

General Maintenance

Keep your website in tip-top shape after launch with one of our monthly maintenance plans.

Site Hosting

Choosing a home for your website is important. Rest assured it is up and running with our reliable site hosting.


Got shoppers? Our intuitive UI/UX designs make a shopper’s path to purchase fast and simple.

Website Security

Spam and malware and viruses, oh my! We can help protect your site against the countless threats lurking online.

Blog Integration

Using a blog to keep fresh content on your website can increase traffic, brand loyalty, and page rank.

Logo Design

Whether you’re after a brand new logo, or just hoping to take your existing design up a notch, look no further.


We work wonders in Photoshop and other image editing software to add that extra pizazz to your site.

WordPress Training

New to WordPress? No problem. Our training sessions and resources will give you confidence at the keyboard.

Content Writing

We can help you create quality content that adds priceless SEO value and keeps your users reading.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We custom projects.

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